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Frederick Stoddard II, MD/PhD

Frederick Stoddard II, MD/PhD

Board Certified Psychiatrist

Dr. Frederick Stoddard specializes in treatment resistant depression, mindfulness based treatments for anxiety/PTSD, and addiction. He utilizes a combination of intensive psychotherapy and focused medication management when appropriate. In more difficult to manage cases, Dr. Stoddard is experienced in using aggressive medication management with TCAs, MAOIs, and S-Ketamine. Therapy is a critical component of his management combining elements of psychoanalysis and CBT techniques.

Dr. Stoddard is a graduate of Cooper Medical School Department of Psychiatry. He received his MD from Temple University in 2002 and PhD from Drexel University in 2013. He received his BS from the University of California at San Diego where he studies, Biology, Cognitive Science, and Psychology. He began working in the Mental Health in 1991.

Dr. Stoddard has over 10 years of grant and medical writing experience with an extensive number of peer reviewed articles and presentations. Over the last 4 years, he has been involved in forensic report writing and medico-legal research.

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