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Sleep Disorders

What are Sleep Disorders? Sleep disorders are a group of conditions that affect the quality, timing, and duration of sleep. They can disrupt a person’s

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LGBTQIA+ Affirmative Therapy

What is LGBTQIA+ affirmative Therapy? LGBTQIA+ therapy, also known as LGBTQIA+-affirmative therapy or queer-affirmative therapy, is a therapeutic approach that specifically focuses on the mental

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End of Life Mental Health

What are end of life mental health issues? End-of-life mental health issues refer to the psychological and emotional challenges that individuals may experience as they

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Behavioral Addictions

What Are Behavioral Addictions? Behavioral Addictions are characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding non-substance-related behaviors. These behaviors become disruptive to one’s life and may lead

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Substance Use Disorders

What are Substance Use Disorders? Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) are conditions characterized by the harmful or hazardous use of substances, including alcohol and illicit drugs.

A person with manic-depressive psychosis. Mental illness.
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Bipolar Disorders

What is Bipolar Disorder? Bipolar disorder is a chronic, mental health condition that typically begins in late adolescence or early adulthood.  Often referred to as

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Phobia Experts

What are phobias? Phobias are defined as excessive and irrational fears of specific objects, situations, or activities. They are a type of anxiety disorder characterized

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PTSD & Other Trauma Related Disorders

Suffering through trauma once is hard enough; with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, the trauma is reexperienced repeatedly, over and over again.  This can lead to severe

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Anxiety Disorders

What is an Anxiety Disorder? Anxiety is a common feeling. Typically, anxiety arises due to an unforeseeable future with potentially negative or harmful outcomes. Although

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

What is OCD? Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a mental health condition characterized by a pattern of unwanted and intrusive thoughts, known as obsessions, which often lead